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YouTube inventor Jeffree Star was dropped by makeup retailer Morphe

Makeup retailer Morphe broke up with YouTuber Jeffree Star in the YouTube beauty community after weeks of public focus. Star was accused of using racist and offensive languageas well as manipulate others Creator and People nearby.

"Today we decided to stop all commercial activities related to Jeffree Star and related products," said a tweet from Morphes account is. Star's products will remain on the website from now on, but a tweet from the Morphe account says that this will change in the "coming weeks" without specifying a specific date. Star's relationship with Morphe was once an important source of income for the creator, who created several lines with the company and has become a face for his brand. An explanation published on Instagram by Jeffree Star Cosmetic According to the account, the team was "shocked and extremely saddened by the decision" to split up.

So far, Morphe has not said anything publicly about the accusations of star or resurrected videos in which the creator uses racist and other offensive languages. But that's only part of it. Star is in the middle of several controversies, some of which are more serious than others. On the one hand, the videos mentioned above reappear and come at a time when several prominent YouTube personalities – including Shane Dawson, Star's close friend who has become an employee – are dealing with earlier videos that are race-insensitive or contain offensive content.

At the other end is a situation that feels more like a high school drama: rumors are spreading through Twitter DMs and SMS threads. It's a little complex, so stay with me: YouTube creator Tati Westbrook made a video in 2019 suggesting that YouTuber James Charles used his influence improper progress with another man. Coincidentally, Charles also partnered with Morphe a couple of his own pallets. Following Westbrook's allegation, fans of Charles, who bought his Morphe collection, recorded videos that destroyed the pallets and posted them on TikTok and Instagram. The video caused Charles to lose millions of subscribers and eventually released his own video on the subject. Reports have been viewed more than 30 million times before he deleted it.

Then there were rumors about rumors: More specifically, that Star is behind the Charles rumors and intentionally spreading them. Last week were Star and Dawson accused by creator Tati Westbrook from Gas light and manipulation them into a public feud with Charles through these rumors.

YouTube's “drama” often takes the form of numerous videos and responses, which developers publish to address the events in their corner of the Internet. With the beauty community, the financial impact can be a little more extreme. Make-up lines, especially eyeshadow palettes, are a serious source of income for the top developers in the beauty community – and for Morphe, who runs lines like Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Morphe has turned the launch of cosmetic lines into high-profile events involving influencers in business, closing popular shopping centers and requiring additional security.

For example, according to Morphe executives who have spoken to Star and Dawson about the potential profit of the line in a, Star and Dawson's "Conspiracy" range should be $ 17.5 million through in-store sales and another 17.5 million Generate dollars on the Star website seven-part documentary seriesas well as Star & # 39; s own calculations. The first batch of 60,000 Star and Dawson units has been released Sold out within 30 minutes. The YouTubers and Morphe have released another 60,000 units as soon as possible. These were also quickly sold out. Before the conspiracy palette, Star had worked with Morphe to run a number of his other lines, including one earlier this year.

As important to Star as it is to have its collections sold in malls across the country, it is important for Morphe to wear high-profile personalities in the community. Emine ErSelcuk, then Vice President of Morphe for Global Retail, said in an interview in 2019 that working with beauty developers, many of whom have millions of subscribers on YouTube, had contributed to his success at the beginning of the company's life.

"We work with influencers who correspond to the vision of this beauty influencer," says ErSelcuk told Retail insider. "And we were very, very successful with this formula."

Star can continue to sell its products through its online store and other potential physical retail partners, but Morphes decision to publicly withdraw from the relationship is a definite rebuke. It is also not clear whether Morphe will work with Star again. The edge asked Morphe for more details on the scope of the company's decision to "discontinue all commercial activities."

"Looking ahead, we will continue to publish information about what lies ahead for the Morphe brand," the company said in a tweet.

Update July 11, 12:23 p.m. ET: Updated to include testimony from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

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