Thursday , September 23 2021

Microsoft acquires ADRM software to extend Azure with industry data models

Microsoft today announced it has acquired ADRM software, which provides extensive industry data models that companies use as “information plans”. The technology giant plans to combine these models with Azure storage and computing to help create data lakes that collect information from multiple business units on a large scale. The financial terms of the deal have not been released.

Using industry data models, companies can capture and define business concepts, refine and integrate processes, and integrate interoperability into their ecosystems. While such models are fundamental to data quality, lineage, and governance, they are often implemented fragmented and in isolation.

This is where ADRM comes in. It develops industry-specific business, data warehouse, business area and solution data models that include 10 industry groups and 65 business areas. For each organization, the company creates a corporate data model that contains a subset of entities from business unit models for that organization's industry. A division of 21 to 30 comprehensive business area models provides details and expanded scope for each area and provides a view of the data for this business area or a specific subject area.

According to ADRM, its data models help clients in 18 companies around the world plan, design, design, control, report, and collect business intelligence and analytics. In addition to these models, the company offers industry best practices, industry-specific names and definitions.

"Data and AI are the foundation of modern technological innovation, but companies are struggling to unlock the full value of data today because fragmented data sets hinder digital transformation," wrote Ravi Krishnaswamy, CVP of Microsoft Azure, in a press release. “Without a comprehensive and integrated view of their data, companies are at a competitive disadvantage, which hinders digital acceptance and data-driven innovation. [Now] these features are being deployed on a large scale so that our customers can accelerate digital progress and reduce risk in a variety of key initiatives. "

With the acquisition, the ADRM team joins Microsoft's global Azure engineering division.

“When we worked closely with the global Azure engineering team last year, we were thrilled with the tremendous added value and acceleration that we believe can be unlocked for large companies in many industries by embracing the extensive Industry data models from ADRM with unlimited storage and combined Calculate from Azure to support the next generation of intelligent data lakes – data lakes that are not only huge data reservoirs, but also metadata-rich basics [the] modern data warehouses, next-level analysis and AI and ML can charge, "wrote ADRM in a blog post.

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