Friday , January 21 2022

As uncertainty whirls around Seattle's Cinerama, Netflix is ​​exhausting historic Hollywood cinema

At the Seattle Cinerama Theater. (GeekWire File Photo / Frank Catalano)

While Seattle is waiting to see what the future holds for the beloved Cinerama Cinema, an interesting development in Los Angeles, gives the theory the belief that Amazon will one day own such a venue.

Netflix has entered into a historic purchase deal Egyptian theater in Hollywood, based on a story in Variety on Friday, who did not quote a price and said the deal had been underway for more than a year.

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The takeover of the streaming giant confirms his desire to be a key player in the Hollywood filmmaking community. And, as Variety reports, the Netflix move is a way around major theater chains like AMC and Regal that refused to show off-duty films because they wouldn't stick to windows of exclusivity that other studios stick to.

The nonprofit American Cinematheque will continue to curate and show weekend content at the Egyptian on weekends, but Netflix plans to showcase its own content and use the facility for special events, screenings, and premieres during the week, Variety reported.

Grabbing a physical theater is exactly the kind of situation Amazon was interested in when news came this week that Cinerama, owned by the late Paul Allen & # 39; s Vulcan Inc., will be closed indefinitely would since the renovation of the room was stopped in the course of COVID-19.

Amazon has already shown a desire to compete with content from its own studio in Hollywood and with Netflix at various film and television awards. Maybe moving to physical theater is not that far-fetched.

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