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Apple warns customers not to close their laptops with the camera cover attached

Although it may seem like some obvious advice to some people, Apple has released a support page that warns MacBook owners not to close their laptop with a camera cover in place. According to the company, damage like a cracked display can occur because "the distance between the display and the keyboard is designed for very tight tolerances". MacRumors discovered the clueApple posted on July 2.

These small plastic camera covers with sliding mechanisms are very common these days. I remember getting one as a Christmas present The edgeVox Media's parent company. However, closing the laptop while the cover is still closed can result in disaster for your laptop screen. Apple laptop repairs are extremely expensive. Even if AppleCare + accidentally covers you, the deductible is not cheap.

Instead of using a cover, according to Apple, customers can trust the green LED next to the camera of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air that glows when the camera is active. "The camera is designed so that it cannot be activated without the camera indicator lamp lighting up," the Apple support document said. It's all well and good, but sometimes it's not so much about privacy, it's just about the separation between you and your employees during a video conference. I never like to show up unexpectedly in front of the camera over that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Apple acknowledges that some people have no choice in this matter and may need to use a camera cover from their employer. In these cases, the company says the cover should always be removed before closing the laptop.

How MacRumors There are cases where the screen of a MacBook Pro has been damaged despite light pressure on a closed device with the camera cover attached. I feel for this person on Reddit who cracked their new, expensive 16-inch MacBook Pro.

A strip of tape should Be a safer option than a stick-on hard plastic cover if you don't fully trust the light. However, Apple warns against using something "thicker than an average piece of printer paper (0.1 mm)" and also advises against camera covers to remove adhesive residue.

You can always check which apps have access to your camera by going to System Preferences and selecting Security and Privacy. In the camera area there you can revoke camera permissions for each app.

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