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7 deals that gaming enthusiasts don't want to miss

If you're a gamer, you've probably been busy announcing the new Playstation 5. However, since the system's release date has not yet been released, both PC and console gamers have to get by in the meantime. Luckily, VB Deals brings you amazing online savings on seven great gaming products. From professional headsets to ergonomic gaming tables, these offerings are sure to improve your gaming experience.

HCG1 Pro gaming headset

Every player knows how important a high quality audio setup is, and that's exactly what HCG1 brings you with this pro headset. This headset has inline audio controls, a detachable microphone and universal compatibility with PC, Xbox, Playstation and more. With excellent audio quality and padded ear pads, you can be one step ahead of the enemy while enjoying maximum comfort. Get it now for the low price of only $ 103.99, almost 50 percent of the list price.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition X RepliCade

Kick it old school with this 12-inch replica of a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet! Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade is a playable 1: 6 scale arcade machine that uses the original controls and game ROMs officially licensed by Capcom. With carefully reproduced visual details and a built-in battery for up to two hours of playing time without a power plug, this miniaturized explosion from the past fits perfectly into your vintage collection. Pick up yours today for only $ 99.99, a discount of more than 15 percent.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Platinum Edition

If you're a fan of Sid Meier's Civilization series, now is the perfect time to buy the latest edition (Civilization VI) for less than half the list price. Expand your cities and dominate the world through technical research, diplomatic relations and of course war. For just $ 47.75, you get the Platinum Edition of Civilization VI, which includes six DLC packs plus the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm enhancements.

Challenger 48 "wide PC gamer computer desk

The Challenger from Offex is the dream workstation of every PC player. With a 47.5-inch long x 23.75-inch deep playing surface and a beveled front cutout, you are closer to the action than ever. To save space on the already large work surface, this desk has player-specific functions such as a cup holder, a headset hook and a power console with three grounded sockets and two USB charging ports, to which all your accessories are supplied with power. The Challenger's simulated carbon fiber finish looks great in your bedroom or office and will surely raise some questions. The Offex Challenger is currently available for $ 239.99, almost 25 percent less than the list price.

Mini Handheld Game Console 2.0 + 268 games

Play your childhood favorites with this discounted game console! The 2-inch backlit screen plays 268 different NES games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. Thanks to its compact, ergonomic design, it is perfect for games on the go. Get yours today for the even cheaper price of only $ 7.99.

2-in-1 protective case with stand for Nintendo Switch Lite

If you are one of the millions who have picked up Nintendo's hot new handheld console, the Nintendo Switch Lite, you will find that it is designed for people with smaller hands and easily slips off surfaces. Have you ever dropped your Switch Lite? Don't worry anymore with this 2-in-1 protective case. A flexible TPU exterior protects the system from dents, scratches and everyday clothing, while the enlarged ergonomic handles offer a better grip for your device. It even has room for two playing cards and a built-in stand where you can watch media hands-free. Get your Nintendo Switch Lite case for just $ 14.99, a full 25 percent discount.

Controller charging stand for PlayStation 4

Tired of your Playstation 4 controllers running out of battery in the middle of the game? Geek Supply Co. is here with a simple solution. This charging stand for PS4 controllers (Dualshock 4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro) has two integrated micro-USB adapter ports, so that you can fully charge and save your controllers without having to connect them to the Playstation itself. This sleek and understated stand is now available for $ 13.99, more than 30 percent of the retail price.

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